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The philosophy of the Java number, in Indonesian:

21 Twenty One
22 Twenty Two and so on
29 Twenty Nine
In Javanese the name is not given Rongpuluh Siji, Rongpuluh Loro, and so on but Selikur (21), Rolikur (22) to Songo Likur (29).

Here there is a LIKUR unit, which stands for (LIngguh KURsi), meaning sitting in a chair.

At the age of 21-29, in general, humans get “THE PLACE TO SEE”, their work, the profession they will pursue in their lives.

There is a deviation in number 25, not referred to as LIMANG LIKUR, but SELAWE.

SELAWE = (Happen to LAnang Lan WEdok). The peak of male and female love, which was marked by marriage. So at that age most people get married (Java: dadi manten).

The philosophy of the Java number in Indonesian

The philosophy of the Java number in Indonesian

There will be another deviation later in the number 50. After Ten, Rongpuluh, Telung Puluh, Patangang, it should be Limang Puluh. But 50 is said to be SECOND.

SECRET (With Kethonan: like to wear a kethu / cap / cap). The sign of age is getting further, headgear can be used to close bald or white hair because the polish is finished. On the other hand can also cap or headgear symbolize people who should have been more obedient to worship.

At the age of 50 someone should be supposed to increase their worship more and share more in order to enter the eternal and eternal life.

And then there is still one more number, which is 60, whose name deviates from the pattern, not Enem dozens but rather INSTEAD or SUWIDAK.

NOTHING (SEJATine WIs wayahe tinDAK). That is, it is time to go; already cooked. Must be ready to be called before God.

The philosophy of the Javanese number, in Indonesian. Hopefully, hopefully it will stay healthy and uplifting even though I AM.