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Some Typical Javanese Batik Motives and Their Philosophy

Do you know? In Indonesia there are 2500 typical Javanese batik fashion motifs that have been patented as Indonesian national culture.

Here are some batik motifs and their philosophy:

Batik Truntum Motif

Substance Dyes: Natural Soga
Usability: Used at a wedding
Characteristics: Scraping
The Meaning of Philosophy: Truntum means guiding, it is expected that parents can guide prospective brides.
Area: Jogja

Tambal Batik Motif

Substance Dyes: Natural Soga
Used: As a Long Cloth
Motive Elements: Fast, Machete, Meru etc.
Characteristics: Scraping
The Meaning of Philosophy: There is a belief that if a sick person uses this cloth as a blanket, the pain will heal quickly, because patching means adding new enthusiasm
Area: Jogja

Pamiluto Batik Motif

Color Substance: Natural Soga
Usability: As a long cloth during engagement
Motive elements: Parang, Ceplok, Truntum and others
Philosophy: Pamiluto comes from the word “pulut”, meaning adhesive, in Javanese it can mean kepilut [interested].
Area: Jogja

Sidoluhur Bledak Motif

Uses: Mitoni Ceremony (Ceremony of 7 Months for the Bride of the Princess during her first pregnancy)
Philosophy: Those who use are always happy.

Area: Jogja

Motif Sido Wirasat

Name of motif: Sido Wirasat
Batik Type:
Worn: Nice parents
Meaning: Parents give advice

Motif of Tumurun Revelation

Name of motif: Tumurun Revelation
Area: Pura Mangkunegaran
Type of Batik: Kraton Batik

Chicken Claw Motif

Usage: Mitoni Ceremony, For Bride Parents at Tarub Ceremony, siraman.
Philosophy: Chicken claws symbolize so that after they are married until their offspring can earn their own living or live independently.

Cuwiri motif

Usability: Mitoni, carrying a baby
Philosophy: Cuwiri = is small, the user looks appropriate / harmonious.

Grageh Waluh motif

Usability: Daily (free)
Philosophy: People who wear will always have goals or goals about something.

Grompol Motif

Usability: Used by the bride’s mother during the shower
Philosophy: Grompol, means to gather or unite, using this cloth is expected to gather all things that are good, such as sustenance, offspring, life happiness, etc.

Kasatrian motif

Usability: Used to accompany the bride and groom’s ceremonies
Philosophy: The wearer looks so handsome and has a knight nature.

Motif Kawung Picis

Usability: Worn in the kingdom
Philosophy: This motif symbolizes hope that people always remember their origins, also symbolizes the four corners and symbolizes that the conscience is the center of controlling the desires that exist in humans so that there is a balance in the behavior of human life.

Mega Cloudy Motif

Philosophy: In Taoism, the shape of the cloud symbolizes the world above or the world is wide, free and has a transcendental meaning (Godhead).
Area: Cirebon

Bango Tulak Motif (Bangun Tulak)

Philosophy: Bango-tulak is taken from the name of a bird that has a black and white color, namely tulak. Black is interpreted as an eternal symbol (Javanese: lasting), while white is a symbol of life (the ray of life), thus black and white symbolizes eternal life.
Region; Yogyakarta

Gurda motif

Philosophy: The word gurda comes from the word garuda, which is the name of a large bird which according to the Javanese view of life, especially Yogyakarta has a very important position. According to the Yogyakarta people this bird is considered a sacred animal.
Area: Yogyakarta

Meru motif

Philosophy: Meru comes from the word Mahameru, which is the name of a mountain that is considered sacred because it is a residence or throne for Tri Murti namely Sang Hyang Wisnu, Sang Hyang Brahma and Sang Hyang Siwa. As a symbol of hope to get blessings from Tri Murti.

Parang Motif curigo Ceplok kepet

Usability: Dress, attend parties
Philosophy: Curigo = Kris, kepet = isis
The user has intelligence, authority and calmness.

Parang Kusumo Motif

Usability: Dressed men and women
Philosophy: Parang Kusumo = Nobility
Mangkoro = Crown
The user gets a position, nobility and is kept away from distress.

Kawung Motif

Substance Dyes: Naphtol
Usability: As a Long Cloth
Motive Elements: Geometric
The Meaning of Philosophy: Usually used by the king and his family as a symbol of courage
Area: Yogyakarta

Sidoluhur motif

Area: Surakarta Palace
Type of Batik: Kraton Batik
Worn: Temanten Putri (wedding night)
Meaning: Two souls become one

The above are just a few Batik motifs that exist, and we need to know, now there are 2500 patented Batik motifs. But due to the lack of information that I can get, so I can only post a few.