The History of Java

The history of Java is a book written by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles and published in 1817. In this book, Raffles who ruled as Governor-General in the Dutch East Indies from 1811-1816 wrote about the condition of the population on the island of Java, customs, geography , agricultural systems, trade systems, languages ​​and religions that existed on the island of Java at that time. This book was published in two bundles (volume I: 479 pages, and volume II: 291 pages, complete with many illustrated pages) and reprinted in 1965 by Oxford University Press in London.

In one of the chapters of this book, Raffles tells of the traditional ceremonies carried out in welcoming the birth of the baby, in marriage, and at the death ceremony which is usually done since ancient times until that time. The book also contains a ceremony and celebrations that feature traditional dances and puppet shows in the 19th century and before.

This book is a different book from the Babad Tanah Jawi book written by Braja’s carik during the reign of Sunan Pakubuwono III in Surakarta.