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Batik: Typical Javanese Clothing recognized by UNESCO

Regional clothing from Java, batik is now a new icon in the world of fashion in Indonesia, especially after recognition of Batik by UNESCO as one of the Javanese cultural heritage that needs to be preserved.

The impact of the confession was extraordinary. Now Batik is not just clothing for formal events, many wear Batik as casual clothing, especially for contemporary patterned Batik.

As an Indonesian citizen who inherited Batik from ancestors, I want the world to be more familiar with Traditional Batik motifs (Central Java) along with the philosophies contained in them.

Indeed, the meaning of a piece of Batik is more valuable than clothing made of Batik cloth because it is a genuine identity of the Indonesian nation.

Do you know? In Indonesia there are 2500 typical Javanese batik fashion motifs that have been patented as Indonesian national culture.